Four Sites for Reading and Writing Digital Stories

Current TV – – Despite my enchantment with the virtual world, the idea of dishing out money for a monthly subscription to cable or satellite TV stations continues to summon the inner Luddite. Nonetheless, the idea behind CurrentTV is intriguing. The viewers have the ability to shape the programming of this cable station by creating and submitting their own short films! While I have never watched the cable station, I do frequent the site, and there are some great examples of digital narrative. I found a few great stories that resonate. How about you?

YouTube – – If you are on the web long enough to find this blog, then you’ve also been to YouTube. It doesn’t have the artsy flair and often thoughtful peer review that you find at CurrentTV. Then again, that isn’t the point of YouTube. AT CurrentTV most contributors are trying to put together a final draft, something that looks good, sounds good, and might make them $1000. At YouTube, it is more like hanging out at a friend’s house and a bunch of people start doing tricks and telling stories. Of course, you never know when a concert pianist or professional ventriloquist might show up at the house. The same is true for YouTube. Amid all that raw footage, there are some great digital narratives.

Google Video – – Just read my comments about YouTube, replacing an occassional word with Google Video.

Educational Uses for Digital Storytelling – – This goes a different direction from the others, but here is a great source for learning about how digital narrative is being used in the classroom (which happens to be how I got interested in DN in the first place). Be sure the check out the page of examples.

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