You are the Person of the Year

After much public debate, speculation, and lobbying, Time Magaize has named you (or is it You) the person of the year. I mocked the idea at first. Was it just a ploy to avoid alienating readers in a year of controversy, international unrest, and political division? I can’t help but suspect that this part of the 2006 social landscape contributed to Time’s decision. Nonetheless, the more I read through page after page of Time Magaine profiles about people active in the Web 2.0 world, the more I accepted, even praised the decision. Google Video contributors, Wikipedia authors, YouTube movie-makers, MySpace/Facebook/Bebo residents, Flickr folksonomists bloggers, podcasters, videocasters, OpenSource project programmers, and yes, even digital storytellers are given the front cover of Time this year.

Well You, use your fame and recognition wisely, and don’t let it go to your head. You’re still the same You you were a week ago. Don’t forget your roots. If Time is right, then You determine the future of Time, not the other way around.