Atomic Learning and Video Stortelling Intro

Atomic Learning is a popular online collection of software tutorials. Their target market includes schools, districts, and educators, but anyone can get an individual annaul subscription for $80.00. For this you get access to over 100 tutorials on software like Microsoft Excel, Photoshop, Flash, IPhoto, Moodle, Premiere Elements, and most other popular applications. In fact, all but a couple of the applications that I have referenced in the blog thus far have Atomic Learning tutorials. In addition to the straight software lessons, they also have tutorials on things like podcasting and blogging (both of which are free and include a series of informative video tutorials). I have been very impressed with the quality and simplicity of the tutorials that I have used in the past. But even if you aren’t interested in paying for the service, their site includes some great free resources, sometimes demos of the full tutorial.

My reason for including a post on Atomic Learning is to note a great preview of a tutorial entitled “Learning to Speak Video Like a Pro.” From the preview you can learn about basic camera shots, tips for shooting good video, and over a dozen video examples of good practice. This might come in handy for the budding digital storyteller.

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