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A colleague recently introduced me to a great online resource: GeeArt: Children’s Art Education. This is not a free service, but the demos give you a feel for how it works. This is one of the most engaging and creative online art education resources that I have seen on the web. The laminations are excellent and the lessons outstanding! I included it here because the site does a wonderful job illustrating and teaching about visual literacy in a digital environment.

In their own words: “GeeGuides, a cutting-edge educational company, developed an entertaining interactive art education system designed to provide children with the tools necessary to understand, interpret, enjoy, and create art. Developed by professionals from the animation and audio industries, GeeGuides consists of fun, animated and interactive programs, which run on computers. The lessons, developed in collaboration with education professionals, are aimed at engaging school-age children, and are comprised of three progressive components: sayARTâ„¢, seeARTâ„¢, and doARTâ„¢” (

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