Brief Book Review – Digital Storytelling: The Narrative Power of Visual Effects in Film

The content and title of this text perfectly illustrates the variety of ways in which people think and write about digital narrative. In the case of Shilo McClean’s 2006 book Digital Storytelling: The Narrative Power of Visual Effects in Film, the issue is how the use of digital effects impacts modern film. McClean affirms the central role of film as story, and yet masterfully illustrates the way in which digital effects can help tell the story.

You will not be disappointed with this book if you are looking for a well-written, thoughtful explanation of how digital effects can be used to tell a great story. The focus of the book is on film. What McClean writes has great relevance for screenwriters, film students, filmmakers, storytellers, writers, digital storytelling hobbyists, and anyone interested in how the ancient art of storytelling is alive and well in the digital age.

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