Second Life Theatre

I just returned from a strange but impressive live performance of Hamlet. It was performed by a myriad of nameless avatars in Second Life. Hamlet was played by an oversized Sumo wrestler with a squirrel tail and Claudius was played by an angelic figure wearing a crown and Denmark flag as a robe. It was all a bit odd, but the performances were solid, albeit a bit rigid given the limits of my video card. My only other disappointment was “the Ghost.” When you are in a world where everyone can fly, be translucent, and take on a chilling appearance, it is rather difficult to set yourself apart as “a ghost.”

Ok, so I really didn’t watch a play performed by Second Life characters…but how long before this happens? Or has it already? The world of live virtual performances and storytelling is a new an interesting phenomena, one that I know very little about thus far. Have any of you experienced this sort of thing?

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