He/She Who tells the best stories wins

I am not a political scientist nor, I am sad to say, am I an adequately informed citizen. However, I am intrigued by the list of presidential candidates and I am making a predication about the election results. My prediction is that the candidate who tells the best stories will win the election. I will qualify this by noting that these must be digital stories, stories that have vivid imagery used to reinforce and embed the most important moments in these stories.

The best stories may not be told with perfection (as Hilary Clinton’s “New Jobs for Tommorrow” typo illustrates) but they must resonate with people. We have all had at least one experience where we were captivated by the story of a less than skilled orator. The winning storyteller will tell stories that are captivating, inspiring, memorable, evoking moments of fear and hope, and believable. Unfortunately, there is a good chance that some of these winning stories will be altogether untrue. That is the wonderful but dangerous power of story. Great stories not only open our eyes to the possibilities, but they can also blind us to realities and facts. They have the power to breath hope into a soul that is suffocating from hopelessness, but sometimes these stories provide just enough hope to maintain terminal delusions, to keep us from realizing that there is a cause to our suffocation that must be addressed.

It is my prayer that the winning storyteller be a storyteller of truth.

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