Teens and Social Media Report from Pew Internet and American Life Project

A report entitled “Teens and Social Media” was published today as part of the Pew Internet and American Life Project. This 40+ page report is packed with data about youth and cyberculture. Here are some of the direct quotes that caught my attention:

“93% of teenagers are online, and their use of the internet is intensifying.”
“One in seven online teens has posted video files on the internet. Boys lead the video-posting pack.”
“Posting photos and videos starts a conversation. Most teens receive some feedback on the content they post online.”
“Most teens restrict access to their posted photos – at least some of the time. Girls are more restrictive photo posters.”
“Teens who are most active online, including bloggers, are also highly active offline.”
“Girls have fueled the growth of the teen blogosphere.”
“Nearly two-thirds of online teens are content creators.” (blogging, videos, pictures, web pages, etc.)

And as I read about the proliferation of youth content creation online, I was reminded of a couple of videos that I sometimes use to introduce people to ethical and social challenges that emerge in the digital world.

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