Happy Birthday to the Blog – Get to to Know the Culture of Blogging

In honor of the ten year birthday of blogs, here are the top five best online resources about the culture of blogging.  If you take the time to read and digest each of these you will have a good introductory understanding of blogging in digital culture.  Don’t expect simple articles in this list.  While these are not all academic sources, they are all deep and rich explorations and musings on the blogosphere.

‘Web Log’ Celebrates 10th Anniversary – A wonderful and informative NPR series on “the evolution of the blogosphere.”

A Portrait of the Internet’s New Storytellers (PEW Internet and American Life Project) from July 19, 2006 – This is a year and a half old, but provides some rich data about blogging culture.

Carlson Analytics – Blog Statistics and demographics – If you want a solid understanding of blogging in the digital world, take the time to work through this information.  This is a thorough and up-to-date introduction to blogs.  Don’t stop at the first page.  This takes you page by page through different topics about blogging (statistics, blogging types, tools and primers, community, journalism and politics, issues, law, dollars, enterprise blogging, genres, lingo, and more).

What’s the Ballyhoo about Blogs-  From the abstract:

“Ten librarians offer spontaneous, even off-the-cuff, opinions about the pros and cons of blogs and blogging. Are blogs a substitute for print communication or older electronic resources such as static Web pages and electronic discussion lists? What will the future hold for blogs and their content? The librarians reflect on these questions and describe their own use of blogs.”

This is a useful and thought-provoking piece.

Blogpulse – Now that you have read about blogs, you can use BlogPulse to begin your own research on worldwide blogs.  You can use tools on this site to identify and chart trends among bloggers around the world.  Is President Bush being blogged about more or less over the last two months?  Which is being blogged about more; Shiites, Sunnis, or Kurds?   Or here is my favorite feature.  You can use the  BlogPulse Conversation Tracker to watch stories travel through the blogosphere.  This lets you track the origin of a story as well as learn about how bloggers blog about other blog entries.

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