Digital Culture and Global Education

In preparation for my upcoming trip to the Australian Conference on Lutheran Education (I’ll try to blog at least a few times while there), I’ve been reading more about international perspectives on education and digital culture. Then, just today I learned about a newer documentary (released in June?) called Two Million Minutes that follows two students in the United States, two students in China, and two students in India. I’ve yet to watch it (in fact I haven’t even been able to get the “Order DVD” page to work), so I don’t have much to report at this point. With that said, it appears some some folks, including Howard Gardner, have been less than impressed.

Without even watching the documentary, it appears that it has been a useful tool in continuing the dialouge about 21st century skills, some of the ideas prompted by Friedman’s The World is Flat, what Gardner refers to as “Five Minds for the Future”, what Pink writes about in A Whole New Mind, and more recently what Tony Wagner discusses in The Global Achievement Gap. This international comparison of educational systems is helpful in promoting thoughful discussion about the values and goals that drive the different educational systems.