In Search of Tales of Digital Immigration

The fire is lit and the s’mores are ready. Now all we need are some tales of digital immigration. Join the fun (and help with my informal research) by posting your story today.campfire
I am working on a presentation (and possibly an article) called, “Tales of Digital Immigration.” Among other things, this is meant to tell the stories of teachers and others in education who have engaged in gradual or rapid immigrations into the digital world. What prompted the move? How has it transformed how you think about teaching, learning, the world? Please pass the word (maybe tweet or share in your blog) that I am looking for stories. People are welcome to share them as a comment to this blog entry. Or, maybe they want to share their stories in other creative forms (perhaps a digital story, through a youtube video, or possibly a voicethread version). And, if you are up for a Skype interview about your story, please submit a quick note using the contact link at the top of my blog.

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