Don Tapscott and The Impending Demise of the University

This new essay at is a helpful and provocative contribution to the discussion about digital culture and the future of education. Contrast Tapcott’s essay with Mark Bauerlein’s “Dumbest Generation.” and you get an excellent and much needed conversation. Here is a little challenge for you. Check out 8 Reasons Why This is the Dumbest Generation at, then work your way through Tapscott’s The Impending Demise of the University. Whether you are a Tapscotian or a Bauerleinian, I am alright with that. This generation need both perspectives. The truly dangerous position is apathy or failing to engage in the conversation.

How is digital culture impacting our thoughts and lives for better or worse?
What are the implications for education in the 21st century?

Thanks to RP, here is a poster of my favorite quote from the Tapscott essay.


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