10 Challenges / Problems in the Digital World

Einstein claimed that “Our technology has surpassed our humanity.” I don’t fully agree. I am more inclined to claim that our technology is amplifying our humanity. Whatever the case, life in the digital world does bring about a number of new challenges. Here is a list of ten that require careful attention. How can we best prepare students to face and overcome these challenges?

    Information Overload
    Child Predators
    Pornography and other Sexual Addictions
    The Daily Me and the Minimizing of Local Collective Culture
    Social Isolation
    Privacy and Security
    Parents Being Clued into the Lives of their Kids
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Dr. Bernard Bull is the author of Missional Moonshots, Assistant Vice President of Academics, Associate Professor of education, and a frequent keynote speaker and consultant on topics related to educational innovation and entrepreneurship, futures in education, and the intersection of education and digital culture. Opinions expressed here do not reflect those of his primary employer(s).