The Core Value Behind Project-based Learning

Those around me know that I have become a cheerleader for the power and promise of project-based learning as a way to promote 21st century teaching and learning. It is such an exciting prospect to me that I naively assume that all will instantly share my excitement. That obviously isn’t the case, and that is probably a good thing. Nonetheless, as I was recently looking through some of the “Best Presentations in the World” at, I came across this presentation. While it doesn’t actually state anything about education or project-based learning, I contend that it perfectly articulates a core value that drives project-based learning advocates. Imagine a school that truly let the spirit of this presentation drive and direct everything in the school. Let me know what you think.

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Dr. Bernard Bull is an author, professor of education, Vice Provost of Curriculum and Academic Innovation, podcast host, and blogger. Some of his books include Missional Moonshots: Insights and Inspiration for Educational Innovation, What Really Matters: Ten Critical Issues in Contemporary Education, The Pedagogy of Faith (editor), Adventures in Self-Directed Learning, and Digitized: Spiritual Implications of Technology. He is passionate about futures in education; educational innovation; and social entrepreneurship.