Growing Options for Jobs, Certificates & Degrees in Social Media

Twenty years ago, most people would not have a clue what you were talking about if you mentioned something called social media. Today, social media channels and sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are commonplace. There are new jobs available as a result of this movement, not only jobs within social media companies, but jobs in traditional organizations that realize the importance of having expertise and influence in the social media world. These jobs span major corporations, small businesses, government agencies, higher education institutions, and a variety of non-profits. Even churches are identifying volunteers or paid staff to manage their social media presence and influence. Since the jobs are needed in this area, so is the training as shown by just a few of the many certificates and degrees that have emerged in the last couple of years.

Social Media Manager Certificate or Social Media Specialist Certificate (online) at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Certificate in Social Media at Seton Hall University

Certificate in Social Media for Government at Georgetown University

B.S. in Social Media Marketing(online degree) and M.B.A. in Social Media Marketing (online) at Southern New Hampshire University

Social Media Major at Newberry College

M.S. in Interactive Media (online degree) at Quinnipiac University

B.A. in Emerging Media and Communications at the University of Texas Dallas

M.B.A. in Digital and Social Media at New England College

Mini-M.B.A. in Social Media Marketing at Rutgers University

Professional Certificate in Digital and Social Media at San Diego State University

B.A. in Digital Marketing and Social Media at Leicester Business School at De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester

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