Schools as Factories? Alternative Metaphors for Thinking about Digital Age Schooling

In Metaphors We Live By, Lakoff and Johnson make a compelling case for the significance of metaphor in our individual and collective lives.  As they note, “Metaphors are powerful mechanisms Continue Reading →

The Affordances & Limitations of Plagiarism Detection Tools

What do you think about plagiarism detection software?  This is a common question among academics.  It is really a question that begs a conversation that is much broader and deeper Continue Reading →

Silence in the online course: What does it mean and how do you respond?

From my experience as an online learner and online teacher, “silence” in an online course is almost always a sign that something is not right. Quite often, it is the Continue Reading →

A Flipped Classroom Primer

There are a variety of working definitions for the flipped classroom.  Some define it in a functional way.  They might refer to it as having students experience the lecture (or Continue Reading →