Reflection Questions for High-Impact Learning Organizations

As I near the end of the traditional school year, I find myself thinking about the amazing team with which I’ve been blessed to work.  I’ve also been thinking about the attributes of the individuals on the team that make it distinct and help shape the culture that I value so much.  So, I decided to represent these traits in the form of questions that I can use for my own reflection and self-evaluation, and also something that I could invite others to consider using.  Here is the list that I have so far.  I post it with the thought that others serving in learning organizations might find value in them as well. Feel free to add some of your own questions in the comment section.

Self-direction & Innovation – What have I initiated over the past year with little to no direction from others?

Innovation and Lifelong Learning – What new ideas or possibilities have I brought to the team over the past year?

Interdisciplinary Thinking – How am I pulling from diverse disciplines/subjects (other than education) in order to inform my thinking?

Divergent Thinking – When have I ignored or moved beyond best practice, tradition, and the status quo in the pursuit of something better?

Servant Leadership – When have I sacrificed a personal preference in pursuit of excellence or the well-being of the group?

Servant Leadership & Commitment to Team – How have I helped other to be more successful, productive, or committed to our mission?

Servant Leadership – When have I put my work on hold in order to meet the needs of another person?

Lifelong Learning & Commitment to Personal Excellence – What am I better at now than I was twelve months ago?

Lifelong Learning & Forward-thinking – What possibilities inform my thinking that I didn’t know existed twelve months ago?

Commitment to Mission – How have I helped the team to be more focused on and faithful to our mission than we were twelve months ago?

Advocate for a Learner-centered Organization – How have I helped to make the student experience more enjoyable, engaging, challenging and transformational than it was twelve months ago?

Advocate for a Learner-centered Organization – What decisions have I made in the past 12 month that put the needs and interests of the students ahead of the the institution, faculty, etc.?

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