Self-directed Learning as a Mindset and Skill Set

The more I think about it, the more I come to approach self-directed learning as a mindset and collection of life skills.  Without it (and partly by definition), one remains Continue Reading →

The Power of Connections in the Digital World: Toward a Literacy of Connectivity?

“Collaboration across Networks.”  That is the second of Tony Wagner’s Seven Survival Skills as described in his 2010 book, Bridging the Global Achievement Gap. As I understand Wagner’s description of Continue Reading →

My Changing Educational Philosophy: Students as the Audience, Actors, or Directors?

Speaking with a group of students today, I thought about my journey as an educator. Working with a group of pre-service teachers, we explored how to evaluate resources for teaching Continue Reading →

Alternatives to Principal-Led Schools

What would a school look like without a principal?  For some of us, this is difficult to imagine because we’ve never seen such a structure before.  And yet, it is Continue Reading →