University as Digital Citizen

Serving at a private liberal arts University in Wisconsin, we are less than a three-hour drive from the University of Wisconsin where the Wisconsin Idea was born. Simply stated, the Continue Reading →

A Liberal Arts Education is Measured by What You Do With Your Free Time

I am reading the opening chapter of a book entitled, Liberal Arts for the Christian Life.  The editors completed this project in recognition of the work and contributions of Dr. Continue Reading →

Digital Culture & the Future of Educational Publishing

Already in the late 1990s, I heard predictions about the impending doom of educational publishers.  As the first experiments with e-readers and e-books emerged and early online residents discovered the potential Continue Reading →

My 10 Favorite iPad/Android Apps for Learning That Don’t Exist (or Do They?)

I originally posted this in 2013 and I’m delighted to discover that apps comparable to some of these do exist today. I’ll likely post reviews of related apps in the Continue Reading →