Learning About The Slow Education Movement

Aristotle wrote, “Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.” It is “a slow ripening fruit.” While he was writing about friendship with another Continue Reading →

10 Surveys for Self-discovery, Starting Discussions, or Getting to Know Learners

I realize that many personality inventories and similar surveys have their limitations. For one thing, most of them depend upon self-reporting, so dishonesty or simply a lack of awareness about Continue Reading →

10 Books That Explore the Role of the Humanities in the Digital Age

In the contemporary emphasis upon data, STEM education and technological innovation, it can be easy to question the value of the humanities. As you will find in my blog, I Continue Reading →

Ongoing Unbundling of Higher Education & The MOOC University

Several months ago, I was at the Education Innovation Summit, having a post-dinner conversation with a venture capitalist. ¬†After learning about what I do for a living, he asked me Continue Reading →