2 More Great iPad Apps that Don’t Exist

  1. TeamAnnoBib – This app is a simple single-featured version of many other much more powerful apps.  However, it is the simplicity that makes it a perfect choice for many group research projects. It allows groups of people to create annotated bibliographies as a group.  You set up a group in the version of the app, and then choose who can participate.  You can invite a group of people, allow individuals to request access, or you can make it public.  You can also choose if users can edit only their own entries or if they can edit any entries in the group.  When you go to add an item to the bibliography, it asks for the source type and then creates field for you to fill out.  After that, you have a space to enter an annotation of up to 250 words or an audio annotation of up to 60 seconds (if that feature is enabled).  All items are stored together and they can be explored (for text annotations only) to a Google Docs, Evernote, a standalone RTF file, as well as a growing number of other formats and services.
  2. My Learning Contract – This simple app allows teachers to set up templates for learning contracts.  It then makes those templates available for learners to fill out. It addresses eight key questions (more or fewer as determined by the template). Once the learner has a draft, he/she submits it to one or more email addresses for review and feedback. If the email recipients are in the system, they can add comments and questions right to the contract. They can choose three options: approve, conditional approval (with certain revisions), or more revisions needed.  Then it goes back to the student to review. If it is approved, then it goes into a student’s virtual file.  Another great feature is that the contract allows you to set due dates and deadlines, and then it automatically notifies the learner and others that signed the contract (you can set it to require multiple approvals). It can send ongoing reminders, “due soon” reminders, and alerts when a due date is not met. Along with the due dates is a place for individuals to verify meeting each deadline. This is not a full portfolio assessment tool, but rather a simple and straightforward app for creating and managing learning contracts.
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