Join the PLN Challenge & Earn a Rare and Prized Badge

A personal learning network is little more than a network of people, groups and communities with whom you interact.  The purpose of this network is to help you grow and Continue Reading →

Helping Students Manage Digital Distractions in the Classroom and Beyond

At a recent conference (and some follow up chats), I invited people to suggest articles that they would like to see on in the upcoming year.  One person suggested Continue Reading →

5 Myths About Project-Based and Self-Directed Learning Schools

As I continue to speak and write about both project-based and self-directed learning, I come across people who have any number of pre-existing beliefs about these approaches.  Toward that end, Continue Reading →

My Concern about Digital Bloom’s Taxonomies?

I’ve noticed a growing number of visuals of what some are calling a “Digital Bloom’s Taxonomy.” The idea behind these visuals is to include the typical triangle used for Bloom’s Continue Reading →