15 Provocative “What Ifs” to Challenge Our Thinking About Teaching & Learning

If you want to capture my attention for hours/days/weeks on end, just share a question with me that starts with “What if…?” or “Would it be possible to…?” These questions Continue Reading →

Risk-Taking as a 21st Century Skill

I love┬áserendipitous learning experiences! You hear about an idea in one place, and it increases your awareness of the topic. Then you discover it in other┬áplaces over the upcoming days Continue Reading →

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Feedback & Assessment?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs comes from a 1943 paper that Abraham Maslow published in the Psychological Review, but he fleshed out the idea in the 1950s, when he published Motivation Continue Reading →

The Only Way Through the Common Core Debate

Debates continue about the Common Core State Standards. Proponents and advocates write and speak with equal passion and conviction, and both sides offer important points as we reconsider the purpose Continue Reading →