3 Helpful Resources About Data-Driven Decisions in Education

Do you go to mechanics who try to fix your car without doing diagnostics?

What about doctors who give prescriptions or recommend surgeries without analyzing the health concern first?

Would you use a financial advisor who did not take the time to learn about your financial situation?

Or, what would you think of a consultant who didn’t take the time to ask questions and figure out your needs or the necessary boundaries for a project?

When some teachers hear the phrase data-driven decision-making, they instantly think of No Child Left Behind and, more often than not, that evokes a negative reaction. That is unfortunate because data-driven decision making is a powerful tool for teaching and learning and does not have anything to do with flaws of No Child Left Behind. Data-driven decision making is about making informed decisions that benefit learners. Are you interested? Here are three useful readings to get you started.

Data Driven Teachers – This article will introduce you to the concept of data-driven decision-making. It will provide you with a good foundation on the subject.

Making Sense of Data Driven Decision Making in Education – This article will give you a helpful framework for using data to make decisions in education.

10 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Data-Driven Decision Making – This is a solid introductory article on the subject.