What Gives a Credential Value?

We have diplomas, badges, certificates, endorsements, licenses, IDs, awards, and titles. Each of these communicate something to others. What gives credentials value? What makes them sought after or admired? Amid my Continue Reading →

When the Toaster Doesn’t Work: 4 Tips for Addressing Educational Problems

My family and I ate a continental breakfast at a hotel the other day. I grabbed an English muffin, put it in the toaster and pressed down on the lever. Continue Reading →

#MOOCs, Premature Obituaries & Celine Dion

After reading a blog post claiming that MOOCs are dead, dying or on the downturn, I sighed and typed “premature obituary” into Google. It brought me to the Wikipedia entry, Continue Reading →

6 Competency-based Education Risks

Note: This article assumes a basic understanding of CBE. For a primer, read this article. Competency-based education is a promising practice in education, but it is not without risks. While being Continue Reading →