How is your credential vocabulary?

Amid my work and research on digital badges and credentials over the last couple of years, I’ve started to create a list of related terms. As you look at the list, you may sometimes find it hard to see the connections. That is because this list is autobiographical more than anything: representing the different paths, discourses and rabbit holes that I’ve followed over the past few years.

I am working on a lexicon (that I might finish some day), but I wanted to share some of the terms that I have so far. How many do you know? What other terms might you add to such a list about credentials? If you think of some, please consider sharing them in the comment section of this blog or as a comment right in the Google Doc.

These are not categorized right now, but they do represent the different strands of research that have emerged from my work so far. Many of them have significant discourses in the literature that can help us think about the affordances, limitations and distinctives of emerging credentialing systems. Others represent different types of credentials. I’ve found that comparing different credentials helps me build a much more nuanced understanding of the subject. How are driver’s licenses distinct or similar to passports, business titles to military ranks or diplomas to certificates? By comparing these different types, I find myself more able to notice the features, nuances and distinctions that exist among various credentials.

Take a look and let me know what you think. – Credentialing Vocabulary