Education in a World Where Every Action is a Data Point

Remember the classic scene from Dead Poet’s Society where the new teacher, John Keating, instructs the students to rip pages out of the poetry text? He offers the students a Continue Reading →

10 Alternatives to Traditional New Year’s Resolutions

As people are preparing for the new year, many are working on that perfect New Year’s resolution. Three years ago I resolved to stop creating traditional resolutions. That doesn’t mean Continue Reading →

Why it is Time to Move Beyond Integrating Technology

I had the opportunity to give the keynote at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Tech Edge Conference a few years ago. I was invited to speak about the future of Continue Reading →

Top 10 Etale Articles in 2014

Over the last couple of years, I’ve created a summary post at the end of the year, highlighting those articles that capture the imagination and interest of the most readers. Continue Reading →