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I’m excited to announce a new experiment (expect more of these from me over the next year) called the Lazy Summer Teacher Scavenger Hunt. The premise is simple. Go about your summer and capture “Summer Teachers” in action based upon a list of different options. For each picture that you capture and submit, you earn points. There are some prizes for people who like that sort of thing, but this is also an invitation to join in painting a collective picture of what lifelong learning teachers do with their summers. These are teachers enjoying the beach, a little R&R, but they are also deeply engaged in refining their skills and living our their calling as both teacher and learner during the summer. To join the challenge or learn more, check out the description/announcement at the Lazy Summer Teacher Scavenger Hunt web site. The event runs from Jun 6 through September 6 and all are welcome to participate. You don’t need to be a teacher, just someone interested in collecting evidence of summer teacher activities and submitting that evidence on the site.

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