15 Must Read Non-Education Blogs for the Educational Innovators

Are you an innovator in education? Reading and learning from all the good research and work in education is a given. On the flip side, it often takes going beyond our normal sphere to gain new insights or fresh perspectives on some of the most pressing education problems, challenges and opportunities. That is one of the reasons why I try to read books, articles, and blogs outside of the field of education; that and the fact that I just don’t see any need to limit myself to some arbitrary category, discipline or boundary. Innovators are innovators and entrepreneurs are interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and a-disciplinary by nature. Going beyond education sources is refreshing, inspiring, and often just the push I need to look at something in a new way. With that in mind, here are 15 sources partly or fully outside of typical education blogs that help broaden my perspective, reminding me that education is a piece of the larger world of social innovation and entrepreneurship. Perhaps you’ll find some of them helpful as well.

The Aspen Idea Blog – The Aspen Institute’s mission, “is to foster leadership based on enduring values and to provide a nonpartisan venue for dealing with critical issues.” Their blog is rich with examples of inspiring social innovations that are tackling some of the most pressing issues in the world. The articles are thoughtful and informed, and they are a great spark for potential new connections or some of your own social innovations in the education sector.

Austin Kleon’s Blog – Maybe you’ve heard of or read his books Steal Like and Artist or Show Your Work. If you’ve read them, then you will love his blog, a connection of thoughtful reflections about the creative life, informed by a mind that delightfully ignores boundaries between genres and disciplines. Maybe I resonate with Kleon’s thinking so much because it parallel’s my own work and thinking in the education space.

Positive Psychology Program – This web site + blog will help you stay current on emerging research related to human flourishing. Positive psychology research is one of the more significant developments for education, and I’m convinced that it will be a huge help in bridging achievement gaps and addressing critical needs in contemporary education.

GapingVoid – This is art meets business, with each article representing a concept in a cartoon followed by a thoughtful written reflection. You’ll learn from how they approach ideas as much as the topic that are exploring.

Creative Mind – This is a fun read, providing insights on the psychology of creativity.

Mashable Tech Section – This is still one of the better online resource to stay current on new technological developments, noting that many technologies find their way into society long before they find their way into education.

TechCrunch – Here is another “go to” source for trends and developments in the tech world, startups, and social media.

Harvard Business Review – The reports of counter-intuitive and myth-busting articles about all aspects of business is informative and often serves as the spark for a new question or way of looking at something in education for me.

Pando – Want to stay up on news in Silicon Valley and startups? This is a great place to start.

LinkedIn Pulse – This one will give you a sense of what is capturing the interest of others, but it is also a modern example of “the daily me”, news curated based on your interests.

Daily Good – Imagine a news source that focuses on good things happening the world. That is daily good, and it is rich with tales of social innovation.

Ashoka – This is a massive community of social entrepreneurs with a frequent updates about what is happening in that world.

Seth Godin’s Blog – You’ve probably read his books. His blog is a near-daily dose of the same. His fresh way of looking at life, business, leadership and marketing is an invitation for readers to produce the same sort of fresh perspectives in the education sector.

Philanthropy News Digest – A resource of the foundation center, this provides thoughtful commentary about philanthropy and social entrepreneurship. Along the way you get fresh perspectives on important aspects of social innovation.

Leadership Wired Blog – This is John Maxwell’s blog. I’ve long appreciated his books and perspectives on leadership. This blog give bite-sized versions of the same practical, principled, forward-thinking ideas about leadership.