An Interview with David Blake, CEO of Degreed

In this informal interview with David Blake, CEO of Degreed, we discussed the mission and motivation behind, how people are using it, emerging uses within organizations, and a future where education is more broadly understood as the full spectrum of one’s learning across organizations and contexts.

As David explains in the interview, if you ask someone to tell you about their education, they are likely to tell you where they went to school and what they studied. What about a future where asking such a question results in a much broader scope of learning experiences ranging from conferences to courses, webinars to workshops, MOOCs to mentors, books to bootcamps, apprenticeships to traditional courses and degrees? Education is about so much more than degrees or formal schooling, and David Blake is an educational entrepreneur who is helping to create a future where that fact is an integrated part of work and life.

For more information, check out his original 2012 article, Jailbreaking the Degree.

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