Fear and Educational Innovation

There is an important connection between fear and educational innovation. Fear can be healthy. It can serve as a useful tool for challenging us to pause and count the costs. Continue Reading →

How Evaluating Teachers, Students, & Schools Shapes Our Mission

Debates about evaluating are central to modern education reform. How do we evaluate teachers? How do we evaluate learning resources? How do we evaluate students? How do we evaluate schools Continue Reading →

When does an Online Course Stop Being an Online Course?

What is an online course? When does an online course cease to be an online course? Since my days in graduate school, I’ve been drawn to a simple but helpful Continue Reading →

It is Time for some MOOC Assessment Makeovers

I’m convinced that is time for some MOOC assessment makeovers. I’m a fan of Coursera, EdX and many others who are investing in creating open and high-quality online content and Continue Reading →