The Future of Education: Ignore, Prepare, Predict, or Create?

When it comes to thinking about the future of education, there areĀ four basic approaches. Some ignore thoughts about the future, arguing that it is out of reach and that there Continue Reading →

Which Type of Education Reformer Are You?

When it comes down to it, those interested in some form of education change tend to fit into one of 6 types of education reformers. There are reactors, refiners, reformers, Continue Reading →

A Tale of a Bullied Boy and a School Where Curious is Cool

This is the tale of a bullied boy and a school where curious is cool. Kathy and Jim both drove their only child, Nathaniel, to his first day of 6th Continue Reading →

Does Your School Pass the Name Test?

Knowing names is a metric worth measuring in schools. That is because school communities play a larger role for many people than meeting standards and reaching learning outcomes. Ten years Continue Reading →