How to Change Your Mind and the Mind of Others

It is one thing to know the facts. It is another to believe them or to buy into them. While I don’t see this anymore, I remember years ago driving Continue Reading →

What is a Chief Innovation Officer?

Recently, I got a new title. I still have the old ones. I remain a professor and AVP of Academics. Now I’m also the Chief Innovation Officer. Of course, that Continue Reading →

Why Change When Schools Seem to be Doing Pretty Well Now?

Why change? I write about education reform and educational innovation. I highlight emerging and promising practices. I champion new or often less familiar models for education, and I’ve been doing Continue Reading →

User-Centered Design in Schools

User-centered design is a design concept that is simply focused on designing products and services with the user’s needs in mind throughout the process. At first, it sounds simple, but Continue Reading →