An Invitation

As many of you have been following my journey to Goddard College, I realized that I’ve never invited you to be part of it, and I’m sorry for that. We just launched an aggressive fundraising and friend-raising campaign, and I would love for you to consider supporting it

I went to Goddard for a number of reasons.

1. It is one of the most inspiring models of a learner-driven higher education community that I’ve ever come across, and I believe that it is an incredibly important option for people. Learner voice matters. Learner choice matters. Learner (and human agency) matters. Each of these three are contributing factors to people who live with courage and conviction in the world. One size does not fit all in higher education, and Goddard gets that, taking it to the level of inviting students into co-creating their learning pathways.

2. Goddard has the potential to be a model for radical hospitality and inclusivity in a time of incredible division in our country. Going to Goddard was largely inspired by my desire to lean into and learn about living with and honoring diverse people, while remaining true to one’s own convictions.

3. Goddard is experiencing a challenging time, having been put on probation with the regional accreditor for concerns about governance and long-term financial viability. If Goddard were not in such a situation, it would have been easier for me to pass on the option, at least knowing that such a beautiful higher education model was out there and doing well. I put many of my personal goals on hold for this, and I consider it an honor to have done so. In addition, I’ve never stepped this far out of my comfort zone. It is incredibly challenging, but even more exhilarating. I wake up and fall asleep each day with gratitude. 

4. I saw (and now see even more) the incredible potential for Goddard College to step into a role as a leader for deeply human-centered higher education, a truly distinct alternative to the dominant models. Some of Goddard’s greatest higher education experiments are almost within our reach. Granted that we make it through the immediate risk and challenge, I am ready to join the Goddard community in establishing this College as an internationally known hub for educational innovation. 

If any of this resonates with you, the types of issues that are important to you, the type of legacy that you want to leave, I welcome your partnership. I’ve included a video message about the current appeal, but you can learn or give by going to this link as well