Books by Bernard Bull

Adventures in Self-Directed Learning, Wipf & Stock, 2017

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In this book, Dr. Bernard Bull draws from over a decade of research to build a compelling case for the importance of nurturing agency, ownership, and a capacity for self-education in learners. He casts a vision for education in a connected age, offers readers a collection of practical suggestions for how to get started, and also works through common challenges and pitfalls. This is a must read text for anyone who believes that education should equip learners to fully embrace the challenges and opportunities of life and learning in the contemporary world.



Digitized: Spiritual Implications of Technology, Concordia Publishing House, 2018 

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There is no one untouched by technology in our modern culture. Pastors, teachers, and families are looking for ways to understand how technology influences our relationships, our families, our churches, and our faith lives. Digitized articulates how everyone is affected and what we can do in response.

Author Dr. Bernard Bull provides a systematic analysis of 12 characteristics of life in a technological world, 12 challenges that everyone faces, followed by 12 practical next steps for faith and life in this connected and technological world.






What Really Matters Ten Critical Issues in Contemporary EducationWhat Really Matters? Ten Critical Issues in Contemporary Education, Wipf & Stock, 2016 

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What really matters in education? Amid headlines about standardized test scores, global rankings of students from different countries, technology-enhanced learning, the unreasonable costs of higher education, and preparing the workforce of tomorrow, what really matters? If we want to pursue education reform and improvements that truly benefit the lives of current and future students, where should we focus our efforts? In What Really Matters?, Dr. Bernard Bull draws from over twenty years of research and experience to offer ten issues that truly matter if we are going to create rich, meaningful, rewarding, engaging, and impactful learning organizations that are rooted in the best ideas of the past while preparing people for the challenges and opportunities of the present and future. This is a text for educators, school leaders, community members, parents, students, policymakers, and others who aspire to move from educational buzzwords to some of the most important educational challenges and opportunities of our age.


What Really Matters? is a must-read if you care deeply about how young people will fare in the twenty-first century. Bernard Bull–long a favorite thinker for those who care about transformational learning–offers ten themes that go far beyond the tired arguments that divide many educators. From discovering hidden talents to forging character to finding meaning, Bull offers observations and questions that will keep many of us busy for the next decade, if not longer.”
– Jeff Sandefer, Middle School Guide and Co-Founder, Acton Academy

“In What Really Matters? Bernard Bull brings a deeply moral sensibility to an analysis of issues that all too often are treated as mere technical matters of connecting effective means to unexamined ends. Bull illuminates the ways in which education is inescapably laden with human values and interests, and guides us toward reflectively engaging with fundamental questions of meaning as we make choices in education policy and practice.”
– Michael Olneck, Professor Emeritus of Educational Policy Studies and Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

 Missional Moonshots, Athanatos Publishing Group, 2016

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sample4_MM_8x8[6]What does it take to be a leader of educational innovation in K-12 and higher education? How do you promotion the adoption of new innovations? How do you promote innovation that aligns with your mission and vision for education? In this collection over 20+ essays, Dr. Bernard Bull draws from twenty years of research and experience to provide readers with a thought-provoking collection of essays. Essays included topics like 12 Tips to Educational Innovation, 10 Traits of Leaders of Innovative Schools, On Being a Humble Educational Radical, 15 Ways to Promote the Adoption of a New Innovation, 7 Considerations When Managing Educational Innovation, and Are you an Educational Innovation Tortoise or Hare?, Why Schools Struggle to Embrace Innovation, Understanding the Educational Innovation Proclivities of Your Team, and the Educational Entrepreneur’s Code. Expect to be challenged, informed, and sometimes even inspired to pursue educational innovations that matter.


You’ll enjoy this book…
…if you would enjoy an author who thinks big and writes understandably;
…if you’d like to meet “wonderfully lopsided people” (chapters 16, 20)
…if you like a book with implications for Christian education, but is written for a broader audience;
…if you could use a collection of quotations and metaphors relating to educational change (chapter 20)
…if you like short chapters, big print, and thought-provoking illustrations;
…if you would like to engage with an author who thinks about and studies ideas you wish you had thought about;
…if you are a teacher who wants learners to grasp WHY they are learning;
…if you want to learn from someone who reads voraciously, quotes and synthesizes best ideas and practices from them.

-Amazon Customer

Dr. Bull’s essay format makes for an easy read, full of inspiration and motivation to get involved in educating the youth of our nation on every level. This book should be read by administrators, teachers, and parents alike if they want to be part of the movement to bring education to the forefront and understand how making changes now will effect their children and their grandchildren. Bravo Dr. Bull


This is an incredible book; it is an inspiring and motivational tool for the mission-minded entrepreneur. Dr. Bull is an experienced educational innovation consultant and draws from his experiences and research to provide a cultural compass for leaders seeking to pursue moonshots. He provides very direct examples and applicable methods for how organizations can intentionally position their purpose to pursue big ideas, while at the same time providing tangible and effective strategies.

The book is both a compass and a roadmap; it inspires leaders to deeply think about purpose, to achieve vision and value, and to shoot for the moon, for mission’s sake!

-S. Siegle

Pedagogy of Faith: Essays on Lutheran Education, Concordia Publishing House (editor) 

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pedagogyoffaithbookcoverHow do you teach the faith at church and school, not just in religion or confirmation class, but at every opportunity throughout the day? Written by Concordia University professors, K-12 educators, pastors, and DCEs, this is a diverse collection of essays exploring a myriad of topics, from homeschooling to external regulations, project-based learning to memorization, child development to theological foundations, the role of technology to the role of assessment in religious education.


What a great read to help a Lutheran educator recharge during Summer vacation! The essays are all wonderfully well written, and they provide much food for thought.

-Deutsch Lehrein

The Pedagogy of Faith is an indispensable resource for everyone involved in Lutheran education whether in the classroom, the home, or the parish.”

-Rev. Dr. Paul A. Philip

“Dr. Bernard Bull, known throughout the LCMS as a faithful, creative, and innovative educator, has struck gold with this new collection of essays. The Pedagogy of Faith will push, pull, and challenge even the best Lutheran educators. Here is something for everyone.”

-Rev. Bart Day