Moving Beyond the Creation/Consumption Debate in #1:1 Programs? Not Quite

As more schools continue to move to 1:1 programs, there is the ongoing question about which device. Should we choose iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, Android devices, or maybe the Microsoft Surface? Continue Reading →

10 Critical Questions for High-Impact #1:1 Programs

Which tablet or device should we use? When I speak for different groups, I often collect questions that I could not get to during the live session. I commit to Continue Reading →

Why We Want to Cultivate a Generation of Life & Learning Hackers

There is a wonderfully engaging conversation taking place in the ISTE LinkedIn group about whether student “hacking” of the Ipads in the L.A. 1:1 debacle was “awesome or awful.” This Continue Reading →

Why Some Educational Technology Efforts Decrease Student Learning

“There is plenty of research to indicate that educational technology does not improve student learning.” “Many studies show a ‘no significant different’ result for educational technology.” Studies indicate that educational Continue Reading →