What Educational Innovations Will Help us Develop the Potential of Each Learner?

In a recent question from Hanoi, Vietnam, David E. tweeted: #telletale Developing the potential of each individual is huge. What are the commonalities of educational innovation to achieve that goal? Continue Reading →

Education is the Dangerous Business of Influencing People

A wise mentor once explained to me that, if you are in education, then you are in the business of influencing people. If you don’t like that, then you should Continue Reading →

Broadening Our Celebration of Excellence in Education and the World

Recently I saw a message on Facebook where a person was commenting about the role of Facebook in the 2017 US presidential elections. Responding to news that Facebook is examining Continue Reading →

Eight Challenges for the Future of Education, Credentials and Recognition

The 2016 EPIC conference just ended last week, and I walked away with: forty pages of notes, new friends and colleagues, and swirling thoughts about the role and possibility of Continue Reading →