Democratizing Dreams: #OpenBadges That Help Construct Buildings and Tell Stories

As part of my ongoing advocacy (yes, a University professor just used that word) for the democratizing of education and credentialing, I often return to the power of narrative and Continue Reading →

Why I Stopped Writing About Open Badges

Someone asked me recently why I stopped writing about digital badges. I decided to write this article as a public response to the question, just in case others were wondering Continue Reading →

Why I Signed the Bologna Open Recognition Declaration

Just returning from the EPIC Conference in Bologna Italy, we finished this year with a revealing of the Open Recognition Declaration, a document that I proudly signed and endorse. In Continue Reading →

Want to Display Your Digital Badges? Here are Some Options.

Updated on 4/1/2017 In 2014 I created an article¬†about the services that exist to issue open badges. There are many examples of how groups are issuing badges. There are, however, Continue Reading →