Updates and Lessons Learned from a My Semester Sabbatical

I’ve been back from my sabbatical for a little over two months now. Since that time, I have not posted any new podcast episodes, nor have I written much on Continue Reading →

Do I crave student praise and affirmation more than I crave student growth and development?

Young people are not the only ones who want to be recognized, praised, and celebrated. We can seek that as teachers as well. We want students and parents to value Continue Reading →

How About a School Debunking Boot Camp for Parents, Educators, and Students?

In my last article, I posed a simple thought experiment. What if were to create a schooling detox program for parents, educators, and students? What if this exposed these people Continue Reading →

How About a School Detox Program for Educators, Parents, and Students?

While working on some research about the myths, realities, and complexities of the concept sometimes known as Internet addition, I found myself reading through dozens of articles and blog posts about Continue Reading →