The Power of Choice is Differentiation, Not Competition

I’ve written about this more than once before, but the context about which I’m writing is always a little different each time. This time I’m focusing on choice and charter Continue Reading →

When will we stop judging elephants by how well they can climb trees?

You’ve probably seen the 2012 cartoon where there is a long line of animals: a monkey, penguin, seal, fish, elephant, bird, and a dog. Then there is a man sitting Continue Reading →

What Innovative Education Startups & Schools Can Learn from the Rise of Craft Beer

I follow the news feeds on topics like entrepreneurship and startups, but I focus on news related to the education sector. Recently, a different type of headline caught my attention, Continue Reading →

The Value of School Choice & Charters in a Compulsory Education System

Ideology – “The ideas and manner of thinking characteristic of a group, social class, or individual.” Values – “A person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is Continue Reading →

Beyond Schools as Educational Rube Golberg Machines: Getting Informed About the Possibilities

The best advice that I ever received when it comes to education reform was, “Get informed about the possibilities.” If I do not know what is possible and I do Continue Reading →