Re-imagining Learning & Credentialing in a Connected World

I’m playing with this idea of multiple pathways to learning and earning associated credentials. So, I wanted to get the following rough ideas out to you as a way to spark Continue Reading →

Work & Learning in a Networked World

Brilliant! I just experienced one of those learning vistas, those “aha!” moments when seemingly disconnected ideas and experiences come together to show a beautiful and connected constellation. It happened while Continue Reading →

15 Organizations That Model & Inspire Educational Innovation

We live in exciting times. There is unprecedented educational experimentation and exploration. Even more exciting, people and organizations are exploring new and creative ways to address important social problems and challenges Continue Reading →

What is at the center of your course design? Is it content, outcomes, social interaction?

In this 2011 video interview on MOOCs between Howard Rheingold and George Siemens, Siemens describes several aspects of his vision for this new learning environment.  When Howard asked him about Continue Reading →