Books and Stories Can Change Lives: Storytelling in the Digital Age

Storytelling in a powerful skill in this digital age, so much so that I put it on a shortlist of critical skills for effective digital age communication. People who can Continue Reading →

Digital Storytelling, Jane Goodall, Michael Moore, and Nathaniel Kahn

I grew up thinking of documentaries as National Geographic specials on PBS. They were often interesting voice-over tours of distant lands and unfamiliar ecosystems. About ten years ago, as I Continue Reading →

Which comes first, the image or the text?

When I first learned about digital storytelling, it was suggested that I begin by crafting an outline for a story, a lived experience. Sit in a quiet place and write, Continue Reading →

Web-based Digital Storytelling

If you are looking for an easy web-based digital storytelling tool, check out Voicethread.