What Type of a Person Do We Nurture with Standardized Tests & Quantifying Students?

I’m not a fan of the heavy emphasis upon standardized tests and I’m increasingly skeptical about our rapid move toward the quantification of learners, but I am almost certainly on Continue Reading →

The Major Error in Our Current Discussions About the Merit of School Vouchers

Read almost any article about the merit of school vouchers, and you so often find critics who point out that test scores in communities with vouchers increased only modestly or Continue Reading →

The Why and How of K-12 to University Partnerships

What do you think about K-12 to University partnerships? That is the question that I’ll briefly explore in this article in response to a recent question posed by Dan Burk. Continue Reading →

Schools as Problem Solving Communities: Education Through Righting Wrongs

What would it look like to re-imagine schools as problem solving communities? In reading about Charles William Eliot, president of Harvard from 1869 to 1909, I came across several wonderfully Continue Reading →