Is Educational Technology Making a Difference in Education?

I had the opportunity to lead a recent webinar on whether educational technology making a difference in education? Are we seeing increases in student engagement and student learning? Or, is Continue Reading →

Menlo Park Laboratories of the Education Sector

I’m ready for more Menlo Park Laboratories of the education sector. My work, research, and scholarship is largely focused on educational innovation and entrepreneurship, self-directed learning, human agency, and the intersection of Continue Reading →

The problem with, “I already tried that.” in educational innovation.

Whether you are in education or any other field, you have no doubt experienced this. An administrator or professional development facilitator encourages (or maybe even required) a teacher to implement a new practice Continue Reading →

From Degrees to A Lifelong Educational Ecosystem

This is an age of unbundled education and it can be argued that higher education institutions are sleeping giants in this realm. As such, I’ve been grappling with a concept Continue Reading →