Students are More Than Numbers on Grave Stones

While driving to a hiking trail, I came across a cemetery for an old residential mental health facility, what they called an “insane asylum” at one point in our history. Continue Reading →

You Teach and Learn With an Accent. Here is Why That Matters

I had an experience recently that reminded me of the fact that you and I teach and learn with an accent. Wisconsin is my current home,¬†but I am living in Continue Reading →

Education is the Dangerous Business of Influencing People

A wise mentor once explained to me that, if you are in education, then you are in the business of influencing people. If you don’t like that, then you should Continue Reading →

Teaching Metaphor and Questions for Civic Life and Beyond

Can metaphors and questions lead us in a more civil and fruitful public discourse? It would seem that we’ve arrived at a political and social climate where¬†first reactions are to Continue Reading →