The Luddites Lost, Workforce Development, and Man Versus Machine

Perhaps you’ve been in a room where someone is called a Luddite. Or, maybe a person proudly or sheepishly self-identifies as one. You likely know enough about the term to understand Continue Reading →

A Coming Luddite Rebellion Among Educators?

In the early 19th century, textile artisans in England became displaced by new machinery and low-skilled workers. Groups rebelled by burning mills, damaging machinery, sending death threats, even fighting with British Continue Reading →

The Luddvocate: Why Your Convictions Matter in the Digital World

At Educase 2006, Georgia Nugent, the then president of Kenyon College gave a talk on “The Tower of Google.” You used to be able to listen to the entire talk here, Continue Reading →

Neil Postman and Media Ecology

Here is an older lecture from Neil Postman, presenting to the faculty and students at Calvin College. It is part 1 of 7. If the first part catches your interest, Continue Reading →