I am Writing a Book on Technology and Spirituality in One Month

I just had an experience that prompted me to shift my writing priorities and finish a book on Technology and Spirituality this month called Digitized: How Technology Shapes Us and Continue Reading →

Yes, Educational Technology is a Trojan Horse. It Has Been One for Centuries

Educational technology is a Trojan horse. It has been one for longer than we’ve used the phrase “educational technology.” Audrey Waters was the guest on episode 8 of the Chronicle Continue Reading →

6 Quotes to Keep Us Grounded in the Digital Age

We live in a media-rich world, but I’m still fond of words. I like words that paint pictures, that challenge me to look at things from different perspectives, that help Continue Reading →

Bold But Humble Innovation: A Philosophical Primer for #SXSWedu

As I prepare to head out for what I hope to be an amazing conference at SXSWedu, I decided to take the time to remind myself about a few of Continue Reading →