Let’s Start Building Airplanes with Our Students

I’m convinced. It is time to start building airplanes with our students. I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Hong Kong where I gave a keynote at the 21st Continue Reading →

Should We Make High School Passive & Compliant to Prepare Students for College?

What happens if you go to a wonderfully innovative project-based learning high school but then end up at a traditional industrial age state University with massive lectures filled with hundreds Continue Reading →

Notes & Quotes from Jeff Sandefer’s The Learner Driven Revolution

My visits and reviews of creative and promising school models must have reached the triple digits by now. Near the top of the list for me remains a school that Continue Reading →

Surfacing Intrinsic Motivation in Project-based & Self-Directed Learning Envioronments

Not every student in a project-based or self-directed learning environment will be excited about this new model. It takes more effort. It is counter to many of the school success Continue Reading →

Questions to Challenge Our Thinking About Young People & Attention Spans

at·ten·tion span – the length of time during which someone is able to think about or remain interested in something  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/attention%20span “Kids today have such a short attention span.” Have you Continue Reading →

Reflections on Tinkering-Based Learning & the Power of Play

In a recent blog post, Peter Skillen offers a fresh take on project-based learning. With most frameworks for using project-based learning, it is suggested that the teacher or learners start Continue Reading →

5 Templates to Use for Self-Directed Learning Projects

If you like what you read, consider checking out the MoonshotEdu Show podcast episode on the importance of self-directed learning. You can listen by clicking on one of these links Continue Reading →