Deconstructing is Not Enough in Education: We Must Be Willing to Construct as Well

As Americans (and many others in the world), we are increasingly interested in deconstructing pretty much everything. We point out the internal inconsistencies. We surface bias, prejudice, and bigotry. We Continue Reading →

On the Role of the Classics in a Digital Age Education

I recently spent the day in Concord, Massachusetts. We visited Walden Pond, Old North Bridge, The Old Manse, The Wayside, as well as Louisa May Alcott’s house. American intellectual history Continue Reading →

Musings on Cognitive Bias in Education Policy and Why I Deactivated my Facebook Account

I woke up on a Saturday morning and, after reading for awhile, I checked out Facebook. For me, Facebook is the social media outlet with family, friends, former classmates, some Continue Reading →

Preparation Versus Development: The Language of Education

Language matters because it can set the agenda or change the way in which we think about a subject. I’ve been considering this fact as I review the words that Continue Reading →