I am Writing a Book on Technology and Spirituality in One Month

I just had an experience that prompted me to shift my writing priorities and finish a book on Technology and Spirituality this month called Digitized: How Technology Shapes Us and Continue Reading →

MOOCs and the Future of Open Online Religious Education

If you scan the list of MOOCS at Canvas.net, Coursera, EdX, and similar places; chances are that you will see science, technology, education, and even a variety of humanities courses. Continue Reading →

Why is Everyone Searching the Web for Information about the Laodicean Church?

About once a month, I spend time at Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Blog Pulse; getting a feel for the search and blog trends in the digital world. I pay Continue Reading →

Ministry in a Virtual World

Yesterday I presented at the Lutheran Education Assoication convocation on the topic of “Ministry in A Virtual World.” If you are interested, you can listen to it here: You can Continue Reading →